How do I use the 'Grades Sheet' feature?

Press on the 'Choose File' button, upload the .txt file you got from the website. Then press calculate GPA.

Do I type in a letter grade or a percentage grade?

Universities that use letter grade: 'Acadia', 'Alberta', 'Athabasca', 'Brandon', 'Calgary', 'Carleton', 'Concordia', 'Laurentian', 'Laval', 'Lethbridge', 'Mantiboa', 'McGill', 'McMaster', 'Moncton', 'Montreal', 'Mt. Allison', 'Mt. St. Vincent', 'New Brunswick', 'Ottowa', 'Quebec', 'Royal Roads', 'Ryerson', 'Sherbrooke', 'Simon Fraiser', 'St. Marys', 'St. Thomas', 'Ste-Anne', 'Thompson Rivers', 'Trinity Western', 'UBC', 'UNBC', 'UOIT', 'Wilfrid Laurier', 'Winnipeg', 'York'

Universities that use percentage grade: 'Algoma', 'Bishops', 'Brock', 'Cape Breton', 'Guelph', 'Lakehead', 'Nipissing', 'OCAD', 'Regina', 'RMC', 'Saskatchewan','St. Francis Xavier', 'Trent', 'Western'

Universities that use both letter and percentage: 'Dalhousie', 'Queens', 'Toronto', 'Victoria', 'Waterloo', 'Windsor'

List of acceptable letters to enter: 'A+', 'A', 'A-', 'B+', 'B', 'B-', 'C+', 'C', 'C-', 'D+', 'D', 'D-', and 'F' for any grade under 50%.

Remember to type the letter without the quotation marks.

I'm from Waterloo or [insert other university name here], can I add 0.25 or 0.75 weighted lab courses?

Select the drop-down-menu and change '0.5' to the value you want.

Why does the GPA Calculator not work after I edited the .txt file?

You probably changed the format of the original .txt file. Start over, but remember don't edit the format, just the values.

How do I add summer courses?

Most Med-Schools do not take summer courses, the one that does that I know of is UBC, but they don't count summer courses taken in the same year you are applying in. Therefore to add summer courses just increase the amount of courses you took in those previous years and enter your grade.

How do I add pass or fail courses?

If your univserity does 'letter gradings', type 'A+' for pass and 'F' for fail. If your university does number gradings put '100' for pass and '0' for fail.

Why am I seeing 0 for UBC pGPA?

Any grade input as a letter will cause this. To bypass this convert your letter into a percent. The percent is the middle value of the range. So if 'A+ is between 100 and 90', the percent is 95%

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